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Jean Marie Sanginga D.R. Congo
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Lloyd Phiphira IITA Malawi
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Paul Woomer FORMAT

Paul Lester Woomer holds a Ph.D. in Agronomy and Soil Science awarded by the University of Hawaii in 1990 for his work in the introduction of rhizobia to tropical soils.  For the past 20 years, he has lived and worked in Africa on projects designed to deliver improved land management technologies to smallholder farmers.  He led the development of the MPNES computer program for estimating rhizobial populations in soils, was co-founder of the UNESCO Rhizobium Ecology Network of East and Southern Africa, designed the MBILI maize-legume intercropping technology and examined the role of grain legumes in integrated striga management technologies.  Within the N2Africa project, Paul serves as an Inoculant Delivery Specialist in East and Central Africa and assists in the production of extension and training materials.

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Regis Chikowo University of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
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Speciose Kantengwa IITA Rwanda
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Steven Boahen IITA Mozambique
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Wilson Leonardo Mozambique