Research Coordinators

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Amare Tegbaru IITA

Amare Tegbaru received Ph.D. from Stockholm University in Social Anthropology in 1998. He is currently N2Africa Gender Advisor and IITA’s Gender Research Coordinator based in IITA Tanzania Eastern Africa Regional Hub. Dr. Tegbaru has over 25 years of progressively responsible work experience in research and rural development, program coordination, management and implementation from Southeast and South Asia, Eastern and Western Africa. His recent publications include:

Therese Gondwe, A. Tegbaru, Alamu E. Oladeji, Makaiko Khonje, J. Manda and H. Gaya (2017). Correlates and consequences of women’s participation in the cowpea value chain in eastern Zambia. Pages 1-11 |  Agricultural Economics Research, Policy and Practice in Southern Africa (Agrekon).

Tegbaru, A., John FitzSimons , Holger Kirscht and Per Hillbur (2015). Resolving the Gender Empowerment Equation in agricultural research: A systems approach. Journal of Food. Agriculture & Environment. Vol.13 (3&4):131-139.

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Dianda Mahamadi IITA

Mahamadi Dianda is a soil microbiologist focusing on the promotion of biofertilizers in Sahelian agrosystems. Since June 2012, he has been leading the Nigerian component of the N2Africa project. He is also the inoculant specialist for the same project where he promotes the establishment of legume inoculants facilities in West Africa, and strengthens the adoption of inoculant technologies by smallholder farmers across sub-Saharan Africa. Formerly, he was working at the national research institute of Burkina Faso contributing to symbiosis and nutrition of tree crops. He holds an M.Sc. (Senegal) and Ph.D. (Canada)

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Edward Baars CGIAR

Edward Baars is the IITA Senior Business Development Officer in the N2Africa Project. With the project’s Country Coordinators and Business Development Officers he has been responsible for sealing Public Private Partnerships for Legume based systems Technology Dissemination and Delivery. In 1991, he completed his MSc. thesis at the Wageningen University and Research Centre combining Agricultural Engineering and Marketing disciplines. These continued to be important elements in his professional career in Africa that started in 1993.

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Joost van Heerwaarden WUR

Joost van Heerwaarden is N2Africa’s coordinator research and data. In this capacity, he supports the country teams in the design, implementation and analysis of agronomic trials and develops and maintains tools for entering, managing and analysing data. His background is in plant breeding and statistics while his current research interest is understanding the causes of variability in on-farm yields and input responses. He is based in Wageningen, the Netherlands.

The Netherlands
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Theresa Ampadu-Boakye IITA Kenya