WeRATE R4D Platform Shines at the Agriculture Society of Kenya Kakamega Show

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The Agriculture Society of Kenya (ASK) proved a great way to disseminate messages to farmers in the West Kenya Action Area shared by the N2Africa, Humidtropics and IFAD Cassava Projects. The Western Region Agriculture Technology Evaluation (WeRATE), an R4D Platform working closely with IITA, participated fully in this show, advancing its theme "Enhancing Technology in Agriculture and Industry for Food Security" through field demonstrations, sales of improved seeds and cuttings as well as other inputs, and exhibition of value-adding technologies. Numerous organizations from government, research, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the private sector and others were also represented at this show running from 17 through 20 June 2015.

WeRATE set up a temporary One-Stop Shop during the show and sold over 600 kg of soyabean seed, 200 kg of Sympal fertilizer, 600 packets of BIOFIX legume inoculant and 1500 cuttings of improved cassava varieties. Additional orders were received from farmer groups for the upcoming short rains growing season starting next September. Also sold was soyamilk and yoghurt, soya snacks, protein fortified flour and porridge, and soya-cassava cake. The exhibit was highly regarded by its 1242 registered adult (56% women) and over 2500 schoolchildren visitors, dignitaries and ASK Show judges. It was ranked First in the category of Best Agro-Based Processing and Second in Best NGO among the many other exhibitors. Conducting technology and product demonstration through the ASK show provides an excellent avenue for reaching farmers outside of our current network, providing a ready platform for a wide range of technologies, and we plan to rely upon this opportunity more in the future!

Soyabean varieties were demonstrated to farmers with and without the N2Africa recommended technology package

School children visit the stand displaying and distributing nutritious snacks made from soyabean and cassava

WeRATE officers and staff proudly display their First Place trophy (center) and Second Place certificate (second from left)

Prepared by Wycliff Waswa, Farm Liaison Office, WeRATE and Paul L. Woomer, N2Africa Project, IITA-Kenya, Photos provided by Wycliff Waswa