An update on Nitrofix in Malawi

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AISL begun local production and distribution of Legume inoculant in 2015 following a working arrangement it had with Department of Agricultural Research Services (DARS) in Malawi. From a pilot production of 20,000 sachets in 2015 AISL is now able to produce and sale over 400,000 sachets of legume inoculant. AISL new building

In 2015 AISL started with soyabean inoculant but now has both soyabean and groundnut inoculant on the market with bean and pigeonpea inoculants under development and are expected to be introduced on the market in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

In order to consolidate its position on the market AISL is installing fermenters at its laboratory facility in Lilongwe in order to start production of liquid NITROFIX. This expected to improve product efficacy and elongate shelf life from the current 6 months to 12 months.

AISL in partnership with GIZ MEIRA project and USAID FtF Agricultural Diversification Program is promoting the adoption and use of Legume Inoculants in Malawi.

Fredric Kawalewale, AISL, Malawi

Photo: Advert from December 2018 in the newspaper Malawi News with the caption ‘Use INOCULANT! For increased  Legume Production’

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