Tropical Soybean Information Portal and Soybean Innovation Lab (SIL) June Newsletter

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Dr. Peter Goldsmith sent us some information on the new Tropical Soybean Information Portal as well as their newsletter.

The Tropical Soybean Information Portal (TSIP) is a one-stop data and information shop for the global community of researchers, extentionists, and private sector managers working in the soybean value chain. The site is still small, but we hope it grows to be an invaluable resource for soybean practitioners everywhere. The site is highly interactive so all materials are downloadable, and we welcome contributions. There is a Wiki page for tropical soybean terms and concepts, a video platform for webinars, and a curated database of research articles and reports. TSIP contains the largest online varietal trial information in sub-Saharan Africa. So check it out, give us your comments, and start contributing.

TSIP does want to thank their initial funders at USAID and Feed the Future. They couldn’t have done this without their support.