Samson Foli on working visit to Nigeria

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Samson Foli, an MSc student of Wageningen University, The Netherlands, is in Kano, Nigeria on a working visit. He arrived Kano on 25th July and will be in the country up until 30th November. During his stay, Samson will conduct nutrient omission trials in greenhouse and field experiments to try to unravel the cause of non-responsiveness of soyabean to fertilisation especially of phosphorus. The study became necessary following observations of the problem in several N2Africa demonstration plots during the 2010 season. Samson will also carry out detailed farm characterisation of different farm topologies in two communities where the N2Africa is operational. He has since commenced work. Speaking of his experience so far, Samson says he enjoys eating Semovita (an ‘Ugali’-like meal made from maize and wheat flour) and egusi soup, a staple in most parts of Nigeria. He is also getting adjusted to the frequent power outages experienced in Kano as in most parts of the country. N2Africa welcomes Samson to Nigeria and wishes him an exciting stay.