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New reports have been uploaded for the ESRC-DFID project that we introduced in Podcaster 36. More are to be expected in the near future.

Moritz Reckling, N2Africa MSc student at Wageningen University in 2011-2013, now working at the Leibniz centre for Agriculture Research in Germany described a win-win situation for environment and economy when growing Legumes in the Daily Nations’ Seeds of Gold.

Beyond averages: New approaches to understand heterogeneity and risk of technology success or failure in smallholder farming, a publication by B. Vanlauwe, R. Coe and K.E. Giller was published in Cambridge University Press 2016. This paper describes the challenges facing research, highlighting the importance of variation in evaluating the performance of soil management recommendations, integrating aspects of production risk management within the formulation of recommendations, and proposing alternative approaches to implement agronomic R4D.