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N2AFRICA: N2AFRICA is a large scale, science research project focused on putting nitrogen fixation to work for smallholder farmers growing legume crops in Africa. N2AFRICA is funded by ‘The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’ through a grant to Plant Production Systems, Wageningen University, in the Netherlands. It is led by Wageningen University together with CIAT-TSBF, IITA and has many partners in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda and Zimbabwe.

N2Africa Communications and Media Research Project: The ‘N2Africa Communication and Media Research Project’ is part of N2AFRICA. Its objective is to research how improved communications and media content will facilitate, support and sustain the N2Africa scientific work – the quality of life for many communities will improve as this knowledge and expertise is made available and implemented.  A UK production company, TASKSCAPE ASSOCIATES Ltd is helping the University to develop, capture and publish 360°media content for and about N2AFRICA.

What’s the story?: The fact is that edible plant protein can be made by ‘fixing’ atmospheric nitrogen in a plants system to encourage more luxuriant growth, particularly in poor soils. The process is ‘fertiliser for free’ offering more ‘food for less input’. It can help the livelihoods of smallholder farmers now.

How can it be told?: The many journalistic avenues into the N2AFRICA research work include;

Feeding the poor– small holder farmers v agri business

Its more than science- NGO & NSA  partnership working in Africa

Food security, the oil price and fertiliser production

The value of plant diversity

A world wide phenomenon – why has Gates funded this?


The history of the Science stretches back 30+ years


The process utilises a 60 million year old evolutionary symbiosis


Electron microscopy has reveal the beauty of the relationship between plants and the bacteria they host


Scientist who demonstrate conviction, passion, involvement, fun




Considerations/ Economic Sustainability / the bottom line / ‘selling’ products sustainably & environmental / soil sustainability


The juxtaposition of developed and developing countries

Communities connected through N2 fixing – the scientists, farmers their families.


Land husbandry- the role of women in substance farming



Women and community cohesion in post conflict countries


Cooking & Eating What you grow


Customs and celebrations– fertility, planting and harvest


Media content and contacts available TASKSCAPE have contacts, footage, and audio available from N2AFRICA European partners: and will film in Kenya, DRC and Rwanda from 24 04 10: with video and audio material available in HD and other formats from 07 06 10.

Please contact the production team on for further information.