Partners of N2Africa in Rwanda

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Activities of N2Africa project were initiated in Rwanda since February 2010. At the beginning, 3 partners were involved in field activities mainly on dissemination of technologies in 5 districts of the country which constitute the mandate zones of the project. To date, 6 partners are on board in the execution of almost all the 5 objectives of the project. The table below gives detailed information about these partners.

Table: N2Africa partners from Rwanda and their area of intervention

Those partners who joined in October 2010, were introduced to replace one partner (Imbaraga) who did not fulfill its responsibily properly.

Besides the dissemination activity, capacity building of partners was initiated late in the year. To date 2 students have been sponsored by the project to start Msc courses, namely Mukankubana Domitila and Tabaro Alfred, both from ISAR. The PhD student is still in the process of recruitment. Training sessions for 165 master farmers from all mandate zones have started last August, and all still going on.

Speciose Kantengwa