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PAD (Programme d’Appui au Developpement Durable) is a Congolese NGO that was established in 2001. It is based in Bukavu in the eastern part of the Democratic republic of Congo (DRC). PAD has a professional staff specialized in rural areas, dissemination of innovative agricultural technologies, and cooperative movement. Globally, PAD aims for sustainable improvement of the socio-economic status of rural populations in eastern DRC.

PAD is a major partner of N2Africa since Phase I and II (2009-2017) in the dissemination of technologies. Some of these members and farmer groups became food self-sufficient and produce soya for their business.

PAD was also a partner in the DFID/ESRC projects led by the social economist team of Wageningen University. Organizations like TETRATECH rely on PAD’s expertise to conduct their work in the soy value chain.

Fifteen years of intensive work on rural sensitization, agricultural extension and structuring farmers’ organization have led to successful establishment of farmers’ organizations. These organizations are focused on production but also on marketing. PAD’s support occurs at two levels: that of local farmers’ organizations (20-25 households) at village level and that made of unions of local organizations called inter-associations.

Mission USAID and Tetract in the PAD farmer group IA Luhihi/South Kivu, part of the soyabean value chain
PAD farmer group exhibition at the 50th anniversary of IITA in June 2017 in Bukavu. The theme was youth agri-business, with visits from Mgr Maroy and Mrs Adolphine Muley, the Provincial Minister of Agriculture.

Currently, PAD supports 32 inter-associations and between 10 and 15 local farmers’ organizations. In total, PAD is accompanying 35.000 households that represent about 280.000 persons. Some of these farmer’s organizations are now able to continue their activities independently.

PAD and these farmers’ associations will continue the activities of N2Africa with regard to soyabean production, processing, setting up collective markets, soyabean seed multiplication and fertilizer sales.

Alain Muhigirwa: PAD coordinator, Dieudonne Chischibaji: agronomist