N2Africa Planning Meeting – Zimbabwe, 14-15 June 2010

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On the 14th and 15th of June 2010 a meeting was held in Harare to plan for the N2Africa project activities in Zimbabwe.

The meeting was well attended by over 42 people, representing the University of Zimbabwe, agricultural research (from the Agricultural Research Council as well as the Department of Research & Specialist Services in general and specifically of the Soil Productivity Research Laboratory), NGOs and private sector in Zimbabwe. Moreover 8 N2Africa staff members had come from the different regions of Africa as well as the Netherlands to get to know the diverse potential partner organisations in Zimbabwe and have elaborate discussions with them about the implementation of the N2Africa project in Zimbabwe.

The presence of the Soil Productivity Research Lab in Zimbabwe is unique. The lab is widely acknowledged for its expertise in the production of inoculants for many different legumes and its research capabilities. The project will greatly benefit from the collaboration with SPRL in the Southern Africa region and hopefully even beyond this region, people will benefit from the valuable knowledge on inoculation at SPRL. At the same time, N2Africa will make substantial investments in infrastructural improvements in the laboratory and inoculant production facilities.

Planning meetings have also been held in all countries in southern Africa and more news on partnerships will be given in forthcoming newsletters.