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The N2Africa project is partnering with a new project called “Increasing smallholder farm productivity, income, and health through widespread adoption of Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM) in the Great Lake Regions and Southern Africa.” The leader of this project in Zimbabwe and Malawi is Nelson Mango (the person on the right with a big hat). He visited several N2Africa research and dissemination sites in Malawi and Zimbabwe and held discussions with several of our dissemination partners on how the project he is leading can assist with strengthening the marketing skills of Community Based Organizations that are members of the N2Africa dissemination team.

Here he is shown discussing various options with Joseph Mhango, N2Africa Research supervisor (left of middle), Mr Chikoti, extension agent with Malawi Government Extension Department (far left) and Mr Kalolokesya, Coordinator of agricultural extension development in the Ministry of agriculture (second from right) of Malawi.