N2Africa kicks-off planting season in Malawi

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IITA scientists and partners working under the N2Africa project in Malawi launched the 2010-2011 planting season on 17 November in Bwalo II Village in T.A. Mtemambalame in Lilongwe District.

During the event, farmers were given seeds of improved varieties of soybean, groundnut, bean and cowpea for the planting season. Based on individual demands, farmers were offered inoculants for those that selected inoculation as their constraint; and TSP fertilizer for those that selected fertilizers as their constraint.

The event also created more awareness on the activities of the N2Africa project—a project that aims to put nitrogen fixation to work for small-scale farmers in Africa.

Scientists at the occasion demonstrated the methodology of inoculating legume seeds with Rhizobium. There was also an exhibition of cowpea and soybean dishes by men and women farmers trained by the N2Africa project.

In his welcome address, the Project Leader for N2Africa, Dr Kenton Dashiell, underscored the benefits of N2Africa project. 

Ken Dashiell