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Legume Technology are now in final commercial discussion with FarmAg International to begin commercial supply of legume inoculants across Africa. With initial targets in South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Angola, Tanzania and Uganda we aim to have distribution and sales in many more over the coming 2-3 years. LT logo
The graph show results from South Africa where FarmAg placed LEGUMEFiX and LIQUIFiX in independent trials against a major brand in the market. Both our liquid and peat inoculants performed much better than the competitor product giving the grower nearly 880kg/ha more yield in this trial. Graph

For the future Legume Technology have begun an investment program that will give the company 24,000L fermenter volume for a new generation of liquid inoculants for both the existing nitrogen fixing inoculants and also new biological agents that increase the efficacy of this relationship and also target other non-legume crops. Although we will continue to target commercial growers, Legume Technology are also evaluating new innovative production techniques to bring smaller packets of our high quality inoculant to the Smallholder market especially in Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda. This high throughput, large scale production will give a really competitive product offer for this important sector of the inoculant market.

Bruce and Jacky Knight, LEGUME Technology