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I’ve been experiencing some pretty extreme changes in temperature recently – in early March I was in southern Mali with temperatures around  35o C and then in the snow in Norway the next week with N2Africa colleagues for a RoundTable on Sustainable Soyabean. Samuel Adjei-Nsiah has kindly written a report on our visit below and we are hopeful that the roadmap that we are developing will lead to action soon.

Snow Oslo

Photo: N2Africa team at the Norwegian University of life Sciences, Ås, Oslo, in the snow. From left to right: Victor Antwi (AGRA), Ken Giller, Theresa Ampadu-Boakye, Bernard Vanlauwe, Samuel Adjei-Nsiah

In this Podcaster we bring you a summary of an important report on dissemination approaches deployed in Tanzania which has been finalised and published on our website. We are also delighted to bring you updates on follow up to N2Africa that is ongoing in the five Tier 1 countries where our direct activities ceased in 2017. We also have a report on some exciting research being done at the University of Oxford by Marcela Mendoza-Suarez in Phil Poole’s lab – together with some beautiful photos of nodules! In addition you will find links to a number of new publications from N2Africa and other news items. Read on!

Ken Giller