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N2Africa always has plenty to report – working across some many countries and regions! It’s hard to select a few highlights and although we actively solicit articles the Podcaster is formed largely by contributions offered. We are currently full speed ahead with preparations of the full proposal for a Phase II of N2Africa. As you will have read in earlier Podcasters we are expanding activities to Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda, and together with Ghana and Nigeria these will be the focus countries.

The shift in emphasis results from the new strategy of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We will continue activities in ALL of the countries where we have worked to date. We will maintain significant core funding in the other six countries (DRC, Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe), and are actively seeking other funding partners to support our work. If you can help us in this that would be wonderful! 

In the next phase of N2Africa, having ‘proved the concept’ successfully, the emphasis is on transferring ownership of N2Africa to local partners, and capacity building in its broadest sense. We will also be focusing on research for ‘continuous improvement’ of all aspects of our work from inoculant quality and agronomy to delivery and dissemination.

Photo: Vipula Shukla (left) and Charlene McKoin (grey hat) of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation visiting the fields in Tanzania for the next phase of N2Africa

We cover a wide range of topics in this Podcaster – starting with some very sad news. We look forward to your responses and continuing interest in N2Africa. Read on!

Ken Giller