Findings on: Environmental impact in Dutch arable farming, experimental data on soybean yield potential, the yield gaps of sugarcane and sugar beet, and N2Africa baseline studies.

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This internship was set up to evaluate the environmental impact of arable farming in the Netherlands as well as collect experimental data for the estimation of potential yields for soybean. This later also included research into yield gaps of sugarcane and sugar beet as well as work on the N2Africa baseline studies to obtain more experience into working on the datasets available within the N2Africa project.

On the N2Africa Baseline:
To be able to assess the results of the efforts of the N2Africa project, which aims to enhance both nutrition and soil fertility through legumes, baseline surveys were held in 2013 and 2014 in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda. The data from these surveys has been analyzed and compared between regions within a country and between countries.

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