EMBRAPA, Brazil to support N2Africa

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In May 2010, Ken Giller and Dr Mariangela Hungria, of EMBRAPA-Soja and member of the N2Africa Steering Committee travelled to Brasilia where they met with Dr Pedro Arraes Pereira, the President of EMBRAPA,  to agree on collaboration between EMBRAPA and N2Africa. Dr Pereira worked on breeding for nitrogen fixation in beans earlier in his career and was pleased to learn more about N2Africa. EMBRAPA will provide Brazilian soyabean genotypes and strains of rhizobia for testing and use in Africa, and above all contribute the vast expertise of Mariangela to advise N2Africa.

On the photo from left to right: Murilo de Arruda, EMBRAPA-Cerrados, Maja Slingerland, Wageningen University, Dr Pedro Arraes Pereira, President of EMBRAPA, Dr Mariangela Hungria, EMBRAPA-Soja; Ken Giller

Ken Giller