Autumn debate of the Wagenings Journalists’s cafe ‘the correct multimedia mix’

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Ken attended a debate for a journalist collective (link in Dutch only) on October 9th. Yael de Haan, teacher Crossmedial communication of the University of Applied Sciences of Utrecht, led a discussion about the added value of using multimedia as ways to reach specific target groups In the debate Ken Giller told why he made so many films for the N2Africa project. "I wanted to show the financers in Seattle what daily life of the African farmer in the villages looks like." He now also tries to find ways to reach the African farmers themselves.

Edwin van Laar, editor in chief of the Wageningen Univerisity magazine, contributed "Depending on the group you want to reach the channel to be used will vary: For reaching students Facebook works really well, For researchers however, other channels are needed".

We continue to think about using different channels to reach different audiences and communicate different messages.