Update of N2Africa project activities in Ghana

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This season N2Africa together with its disseminating partners is disseminating legume technologies to over 6000 farmers cultivating cowpea, groundnut and soyabean in seven districts in northern Ghana. N2Africa currently works with about ten partner organizations in Northern Ghana. These include Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Savanna Agricultural Research Institute, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and Evangelical Presbyterian and Relief Agency. The rest are URBANET, ADVANCE, ProNorth, SBF and Wienco. Farmers have finished planting their fields and most legume crops have started podding. Farmers in northern Ghana were faced with severe drought between mid-June and early July making it a challenge for most farmers to plant their crops, particularly soyabean in time. Feedback meetings and field days have been held with farmers’ groups participating in N2Africa demonstrations to get their views about the N2Africa technologies and to discuss challenges faced by farmers with use of some of the technologies.

Left: Farmer feedback meeting held at one of the N2Africa sites


Right: A lead farmer conducting farmers round a demo plot during a field day

Two persons employed for the World Bank SecureNutrition Harvesting Nutrition contest, Andrea Spray and Andrea Borgarello visited N2Africa project sites in Ghana from 10-11 September, 2014. N2Africa was among the three winners of SecureNutrition contest organized by the World Bank last year. The purpose of the visit was to pull together a multimedia presentation highlighting what N2Africa is doing to increase the impact of the project on nutrition outcomes.

Photo: A farmer demonstrating processing of soya ‘kebab’ to fellow women during the visit of Andrea Spray and Andrea Borgarello to Ghana

Samuel Adjei-Nsiah