Symbiotic effectiveness of indigenous Bradyrhizobium strains and strategies to maximize the contribution of Biological Nitrogen Fixation on soyabean in Mozambique

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The major accomplishment by April 2014 include meeting the University credit requirements and harvesting the screening trial from which promising isolates will be selected and tested in the field both in Brazil and Mozambique in 2014/15 and 2015/16 cropping seasons.


Figure 1: Amaral Chibeba before (left) and during (right) trial harvesting

Figure 2: From left to right, Jackson Gundi, Edenize Orzini, Maria Jacobino, Eduara Ferreira and Amaral Chibeba during nodules’ count

Soyabean nodules from 15 locations in Mozambique were brought to Brazil in April 2013. From the nodules, a total of 105 isolates were obtained, 7 from each location, and screened for symbiotic efficiency in the greenhouse at Embrapa in December 2013. The trial was harvested in January 2014, nodule counts were completed in February 2014, plant dry weight was measured in March 2014 and total N content was determined in April 2014. Data analysis has just commenced.

Amaral Chibeba, who started his studies at Londrina State University, in Brazil, in August 2012.

Photo: Amaral Chibeba determining total N content