Scientific seminar to discuss and present the outcomes of Phase I of N2Africa

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We are pleased to announce a scientific seminar to discuss and present the outcomes of the first four years of N2Africa. The event will take place in Nairobi from 28 to 30 of October 2013. Invitees include the N2Africa steering committee, our major partners and other stakeholders in the project representating all the N2Africa countries, from the scientific and development community as well as government representatives. The first two days will be spent sharing experiences among N2Africa partners. The final day will be a public presentation highlighting the research findings and achievements in the delivery and dissemination of legume N2-fixation technologies across the N2Africa countries. We will present findings of the early impact assessment which is currently underway. Around each theme video material will tell the story of the project and there will be a discussion on each of the themes. A closing panel will discuss prospects of legume N2-fixation technologies for improving food and nutritional security and the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

The event will close with a party to thank all that have been involved in the project for their support and effort invested in creating the success of N2Africa.

Jeroen Huising