Rizobacter: Inoculants for Africa

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Rizobacter is an Argentinian company strongly committed to delivering sustainable solutions to farmers around the world. In Rizobacter´s 40-year history, excellence in quality and continuous innovation has been the forefront, enabling the company to develop state-of-the-art technologies in the formulation of liquid biological products. Strategic alliances with renowned companies, expanded the company´s product line to include adjuvants and crop nutrition products. Whether through its own subsidiaries or through local partners, Rizobacter has commercial presence in over 25 countries worldwide.

Back in 2011, Rizobacter made its first commercial shipment to South Africa. From that day onwards, Rizobacter has been a major role player in the bio-fertilizer and adjuvant segments, steadily capturing 60% share in the soyabean inoculant market, and thus ranking as the undisputed leader in the continent. Through its dealers, Rizobacter products are available in countries like Botswana, Namibia and Zambia.

The firm entered the Kenyan market in 2012 by registering products for soyabean (Rizoliq) and maize (Rizofos).  In this region, Rizobacter is firmly committed to making its product available to the smallholder African farmer and thus provide them with the latest technologies which have already been proven to be of great value to commercial farmers around the globe.

As a result of growth in the African continent and looking towards developing further market opportunities in the whole of Africa, a Rizobacter subsidiary was established with offices in Pretoria, South Africa in 2015.

Image 1. Small-plot trial in Frankfort, South Africa testing Rizobacter´s inoculants for soyabean.

Alex Lehmann- Africa Business Development Manager
Rizobacter South Africa (Pty) Ltd.