Research prize for DR Congo at the 16th conference of African Association of Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Rabat Morocco

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During this conference the last day of the congress, I presented summary results of my two papers and posters on "Improving shelf life of legume inoculant in East Africa". And ‟Performance of Indigenous Rhizobia Strains on grain yield of two Promiscuous Varieties of Soyabean in South-Kivu soil". The first poster on improving shelf life of legume inoculant in East Africa won a prize of 1000 DH = 120$ for it high quality content and clarity.

Left: During presentation and discussion with the audience chaired by Prof. Felix Dakora

Right: Isaac receiving the prize (a Mobile projector that should be used to disseminate research knowledge to farmers) from Professor Mustapha, the president of AABNF

The conference was a great and useful opportunity to exchange ideas with other scientists from allover Africa on how to increase biological nitrogen fixation on smallholder farmers in Africa. We updated ourselves on what was done during the last two years in this research field since 2012. The next meeting will be held in Gaborone in 2016.

At the end of this meeting recommendations were as follows:

  1. Collaboration between research at different country levels.
  2. Our research should be to solve African problems for farmers.
  3. Facilitate capacity building of graduate students.
  4. Involve policymakers in the field of legumes and biofertilizers.
  5. Encourage women to join research program on legumes.

Isaac Balume