Presenting the first six months report of Phase II

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N2Africa Phase II is going full speed ahead, and we’ve already had our first round of reporting to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In the first months of N2Africa Phase II, we have made good progress towards Objective 1 - Project strategy, coordination and implementation and capacity strengthening. Country teams were formed and soon after involved in many meetings and workshops. In addition, an overall technical expertise team, leading activities across all countries, has been established. With this flying start, and building on earlier work from Phase I and the Bridging Grant, the research and dissemination in the five Core countries are promising.

In the Tier 1 countries (Kenya, DRC, Rwanda, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique), the aim is to disseminate the outcomes from the first phase through co-funded dissemination activities. All Tier 1 countries have retained partners from Phase I involved and are currently involving new partners to increase the coverage area. In DRC and Rwanda, partners have already established demonstration trials in various sites and have reached thousands of farmers with input packages.

Please read our full narrative report here.