Policy recommendation related to inoculant regulation and cross border trade

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Report voor Milestones 3.5.1 and 3.5.2 In this milestone report we review the status of the production of inoculants in the initial eight participating countries in the N2Africa project and the cross border trade between them, as well as the regulations that governs trade in these products. We conclude with policy recommendations for improving availability of quality inoculants to smallholder farmers in the respective countries. Milestone 3.5.1 is formulated as ”At least 3 policy briefs related to legume and inoculant regulation and cross border trade produced per impact zone”. Regulations related to national variety release (NVR) and procedures that apply, like conducting National Performance Trials (NPT), are generally well established, and apply to legume crops. This is less the case in relation inoculant regulation and this is therefore the subject of this report. For variety selection and forwarding of the breeding materials of the four targeted legume crops to TLII and other breeding programs see Baijukya (N2Africa report no. 56, in preparation). This includes performance trials conducted in support of release of varieties in countries like Rwanda.