New people joined the N2Africa project team in Wageningen

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Esther Ronner has recently joined the N2Africa project team at Wageningen University. Within N2Africa she will be working on the extension of project activities to Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda, including pilot studies and writing project proposals. She will also contribute to ongoing research activities in the current N2Africa countries. Esther has a background in irrigation/water management and in international development. Previously, she has done research on conservation agriculture in Kenya and on smallholder irrigation systems in Mali.

Edouard Rurangwa has recently started his PhD program at Wageningen University under N2Africa Project Scholarship. His research work will focus on targeting of legume technologies in farming systems in Rwanda within the context of N2Africa. Edouard has a background in horticulture, and has done research on the influence of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi(AMF) on performance of banana in Rwanda. Currently, he is working in banana program in the Rwanda Agriculture Board(RAB).

Admire Katunga joined N2Africa as a PhD Sandwich student at the Development Economics Group of Wageningen University. His PhD research focuses on socio-economic analysis of smallholder groundnut and soybean production and marketing in Malawi. He will work on seed systems, technical efficiency of smallholder farming system, market integration and demand analysis; and on how they in turn constrain adoption and diffusion of groundnut and soybean technologies among the farmers. He will conduct his field work in the four impact areas of N2 Africa project in Malawi; Mchinji, Lilongwe, Salima and Dowa. Admire has a background in Economics and works for Department of Agricultural Research Services (Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation) as a research scientist (economics). His past work has been on evaluating project proposals and research projects and, conducting economic analysis of agricultural issues and other related areas.