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We’re happy to present three posters which are ready to use as extension materials in N2Africa. Two posters deal with inoculation, presenting inoculation methods for the two most widely used inoculants, LegumeFix and Biofix. The third poster shows different methods for staking climbing beans, including the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods. Please download the posters and use them however and whenever you like. Alternatively you can find the posters on

N2Africa and the Africa Soil Health Consortium are collaborating to develop a set of extension materials. The materials we are working on so far include booklets, hand-outs for farmers and posters. The booklets contain practical steps on how to get a better legume yield, making better use of the legumes’ potential to fix nitrogen. The set-up of the booklets is similar for all countries, but the exact content differs per country. We therefore develop the content in close collaboration with the N2Africa country teams. Simpler and shorter versions of the booklets will function as hand-outs for farmers, for example to accompany an N2Africa input package. With some more help from the country teams, the booklets will be finalized and ready for use soon!