N2Africa wins top prize in the Harvesting Nutrition Contest

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N2Africa was one of three winners of the SecureNutrition Knowledge Platform’s 2013 Harvesting Nutrition contest. The SecureNutrition Knowledge platform of the World Bank has partnered with Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) and Save the Children to create the Harvesting Nutrition contest. A contest with the aim of showcasing projects around the globe that have bridged gaps between agriculture, food security, and nutrition. ...

In 2013, two nutrition case studies were done within N2Africa, one in Kenya and one in Ghana. For submission to the Harvesting Nutrition contest the results of these studies were highlighted. More households cultivating legumes with increased yields theoretically lead to more legumes being available for consumption or for sale depending on characteristics of the farmer. Although causality is not studied, this may have led to improved nutrient adequacy of the diet of children between 2 and 5 years old. Results suggest that targeting female farmers, focusing on crops mainly used for home consumption, and providing training on preparation methods and nutrition, would better ensure improvement of nutrient adequacy of the diet. The prize brings N2Africa a multimedia report and 5000 dollars!

At the moment, I am back in Northern Ghana for further research to gain more insight into the relation between farming systems and improved nutrition among households of smallholder farmers.

Greetings from under a baobab tree in Zinyee village,

Ilse de Jager