N2Africa research meeting – Zimbabwe

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On Friday the 18th of May, N2Africa Zimbabwe organized a half-day meeting in Harare, facilitating a comprehensive exchange of N2Africa research experiences within Zimbabwe. Research within N2Africa is intrinsically linked to the D&D efforts and vice versa. Nevertheless it was felt that it would be beneficial to have a focussed research meeting first, before re-engaging with D&D.

There were presentations by the two MPhil students and one PhD student on N2Africa scholarships (Sibonginkosi Dunjana, Tatenda Kainga and Mazvita Chiduwa), the Soil Productivity Research Lab (SPRL, on rhizobiology research), Talkmore Mombeyarara (on the N2Africa agronomy research), Prof. Barbara Maasdorp (from Crop Sciences, University of Zimbabwe, on forage research in general in Zimbabwe) and Prof. Mpepereki who summarized legume research in Zimbabwe and provided some guidance on the way forward.

There were critical questions, lively debates and discussions on the way forward, for example around the repeated characterization of indigenous strains of rhizobia. All agreed that this meeting was an important step in further synchronizing the research efforts and smoothening exchange between research and D&D. More active data sharing and exchange will be initiated, similar meetings will be organized in the future for exchange with D&D and deepening the collaborations in research.

Judith de Wolf & Talkmore Mombeyarara