Murdoch University poster award 2013 for Aliyu Anchau Abdullahi

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I was awarded the prize in "Plant Diseases and Crop Improvement" category at the 2013 Postgraduate Poster Day (An annual event) held at Murdoch University WA, on Friday 8th November, 2013. The prize was provided by the Department of Agriculture and food, Western Australia (DAFWA) in support of PhD students at Murdoch University.

The poster was an overview of the progress of my PhD research program involving an investigation of the root nodule bacteria that fix nitrogen in symbiosis with groundnut (peanut) in Nigeria at nine (9) months.

Title of the poster is: Exploring the genetic diversity of groundnut-nodulating rhizobia in moist and dry savannas of Nigeria for increased symbiotic nitrogen fixation and productivity.

Full version of the poster.

Aliyu Anchau Abdullahi