Message from Pamela Anderson, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on the launch of AgriKnowledge

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Dear grantees and partners,

I’m excited to inform you about the launch of AgriKnowledge – an online portal to publically share learnings from grants and contracts funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s agricultural development team.

The URL is:

Many of you will be aware that the Gates Foundation has been working on ensuring broader open access to peer reviewed journal articles resulting from our support. AgriKnowledge complements that effort by providing access to the ‘grey literature’ we help fund – largely reports and presentations – which we feel would be informative to the broader agricultural development community. Today, as we launch, the site features over 700 such documents.

I am writing in hopes that many of you will find this resource helpful, and share it with colleagues who you think would find it helpful too. I would also like your feedback. Our team has worked closely with knowledge management specialists at the Albert R. Mann Library at Cornell to assemble a collection of documents which is as complete and updated as possible. But if you find any errors or omissions please let us know by reaching out to Emily Naftalin at Cornell,, who is very ably helping oversee the collection. Please also feel free to reach out to your Program Officer to discuss what additional documents might be most appropriate for AgriKnowledge. And, below, I have included some questions we expect might arise.

This resource is really a compilation of a lot of your hard work and careful analysis. Thank you, as always, for your passion and partnership.

My best,

Pamela K. Anderson