Legume Inoculant Technology and Quality Control Procedures Workshop

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A workshop on Legume Inoculant Technology and Quality Control (QC) procedures was held at the Microbial Resources Centre Laboratory (MIRCEN) in the Department of Land Resource Management and Agricultural Technology (L.A.R.M.A.T.), University of Nairobi (UoN; Kabete Campus) from July 4th to 22nd, 2011. The training was co-funded by the N2Africa Project and SIMLESA (Sustainable Intensification of Maize-Legume Cropping Systems for Food Security in Eastern and Southern Africa) with the focus to provide participants with the latest ideas and techniques in manufacturing Rhizobium inoculants and in QC testing procedures required in achieving high quality legume inoculants.

See here a short report written by Dr. Anabel Vivas-Marfisi (Centre for Rhizobium Studies, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia)