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We recently submitted, (on time!), a progress report to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As it said in the introduction, the report is, "the product of the countless hours spent by Field Liaison Officers, Agronomists, Rhizobiologists, Research Assistants and students in African fields, farms and laboratories: and a testament to the support of our numerous in country partners and smallholder farmers with which we are all privileged to work." This was our month 30 report.

We have written separately about our first progress in Liberia, Sierra Leone and North Kivu and the Ruzizi plains in DRC to the Howard G. Buffet Foundation. Here we are able to extend the work and learning of the project, with their support.

Both reports will be available through our website soon.

Our thanks goes to everyone who has been interested in and supported N2Africa around the globe.

Alastair Simmons