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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Probably most of you already know that I have resigned from CIAT and will be Joining IITA as their Deputy Director General for Partnerships. When I joined TSBF two years ago to lead the N2Africa Project I thought that I would probably hold this position for 10 or 15 years if the project continued. I even told people that this was my dream job. My relatively short time with TSBF and N2Africa has been both rewarding and challenging. In my new position I will still be involved with N2Africa and I look forward to helping this project continue to grow and impact the lives of farm families all over Africa.

When I learned that IITA was looking for someone to lead their activities in working with partners and capacity building I was very excited about this opportunity and decided to apply. The best and probably only way for us to have a real positive impact and see our research results being used to improve standards of living, nutrition and etc. is to work with a diverse group of partners.

Most of you know I worked at IITA from 1983 to 2001 and I am looking forward to returning to where I started and developed my agriculture research for development career.

Many thanks to all of you that I have worked with at TSBF and N2Africa. We have accomplished a lot in a short time because we all have a shared vision and work together as a team.

I plan to move to Ibadan sometime between March 7-15.

Best regards, Ken