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While we are busy with a range of studies assessing the impacts of N2Africa across the different countries, there are still many ongoing PhDs who are writing up their theses and publishing their work. To date 9 have completed their PhDs, some have submitted their theses and are awaiting examination and some who started later are still conducting field and laboratory research. As part of the impact studies of N2Africa I was delighted to learn that we have already hosted a total of 95 MSc thesis students.

As you will see the topics of the students vary widely – covering the whole scope of the legume-rhizobium symbiosis. Scales studied range from the diversity of the symbiotic bacteria (rhizobia) in soil, to field agronomy, livestock feeding, human nutrition, whole-farm studies, public-private partnerships, value chains, use of ICT and village level/ community analyses. We have organised the updates by country and I’m sure there is something to interest everybody! In the next Podcaster we will bring together results from the impact studies and if you have outputs or idea you’d like to share please do contact us. 

Ken Giller