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I’m writing this introduction from Ethiopia where Esther Ronner and I have been discussing N2Africa activities for this year with many partners in Bahir Dar, Debre Zeit and Addis Ababa. We have a ‘bridging grant’ from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to get N2Africa up and running in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda. Endalkachew Wolde-Meskel will update you in the next Podcaster about our plans in Ethiopia, but to give a small taster – the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Transormation Agency have identified Rhizobium inoculant as one of it’s main priority interventions in Integrated Soil Fertility Management and we will be supporting them to achieve their ambitious goals. Read on below to learn of the plans we have developed for the coming season in northern Tanzania and Uganda.

We’re currently discussing a concept note to continue N2Africa into a second phase that would start at the end of this year, and we hope to give you news on this in our next podcaster. We have lot’s of news and updates in our current Podcaster. We repeat our earlier request for reports on any striking things you have seen, or stories you have heard that can help us learn about farmers’ experiences through N2Africa. We’d love to hear more from you!

Ken Giller, Addis Ababa