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It’s hard to believe it comes around so fast, but N2Africa has just entered the fourth and final year of the project. How to increase the uptake of the best N2-fixing legume technologies in this last stage of the project was a major topic of discussion at the N2Africa Leadership Team and Steering Committee meetings held in Nairobi in October. This was a great opportunity for Jeroen Huising to get to know the N2Afica team and establish himself as Project Coordinator. You can read more about some of the outcomes in this edition of the Podcaster, along with a wide range of news from different countries. The first article reports of the recent conference on integrated soil fertility management in Nairobi, where N2Africa had a very strong representation. It was an exciting conference with more than 250 participants that provided an ideal forum to showcase the diversity of work conducted through N2Africa, and to learn from other ongoing initiatives. Further, you’ll find reports from the work in Liberia and Sierra Leone funded by the Howard G. Buffet Foundation, plus a report from a workshop just held in Tanzania to establish new partnerships. And of course more news items.

The next podcaster will be coming soon – ahead of the Christmas break – so please send your contributions soon!

Ken Giller