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BNF outreach in west Kenya now includes working through local primary schools to install simple legume technology demonstrations and hold low cost farmer field days around them. This move was spontaneous, meaning not planned by the Country Coordinator, but originates among 13 WeRATE R4D Platform members working through 22 schools in response to reduced funding for outreach activities within the Phase 2 Tier 1 arrangement. For example, Dick Morgan Ongai of the MFAGRO farmer organization in Vihiga arranged for students of Munugi Primary School to install and manage a roadside legume inoculant and fertilizer demonstration during the on-going long rains growing season. Students were eager to learn about BNF, nodulation and application of inoculants (see photos). A stakeholder survey last November revealed that nearly 5200 students were reached through this effort in 2014. Credit is due to our innovative outreach members for this new brand of early education!

Left: Dick Morgan Ongai of the MFAGRO farmer organization in Vihiga giving instructions to students of Munugi Primary School

Right: Students planting

 Paul L. Woomer, Kenya Country Coordinator