Greenhouse commissioning and commencement of greenhouse work in Zimbabwe

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On the 2nd of May, 2012, a commissioning ceremony for the renovated greenhouse was held at the Soil Productivity Research Laboratory (SPRL) in Marondera. The renovations were funded by N2Africa and implemented by Blackpuck (pvt) Ltd.

A total of 15 participants attended this event representing N2Africa, CIAT, the Ministry of Public Works, Blackpuck and the Chemistry and Soil Research Institute (CSRI) from the Department of Research and Specialist Services (DR&SS).

There was a tour of the greenhouse and participants were shown how the greenhouse works with Mr. Zaka from Blackpuck explaining the repairs and replacements that had been done to the greenhouse. After a full inspection by participants, the greenhouse was then officially commissioned by the Public Works Director for Mashonaland East, Engineer Maruvara.

SPRL has since started using the greenhouse. Pot experiments on evaluating isolated rhizobia strains for soyabean and common bean were setup in May 2012. These experiments will guide the rain-fed field experiments to be done under the rhizobiology objective from November where the top 5% strains will be evaluated for N2-fixation.

Akinson Tumbure

SPRL staff working in the renovated greenhouse