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On the WhatsApp group of N2Africa a discussion showed up on February 1st 2017. We wanted to share it as it signals how we find issues that need attention.

Theresa Ampadu-Boakye, M&E Coordinator:
Bags of unsold soyabean in a farmers room in Saboba District, Ghana The woman is on strike - won’t thresh her soyabeans, why? Low market price..., low demand...

Theresa Ampadu-Boakye: Any implications on input usage?

Bernard Vanlauwe: What is the price farmers receive for soyabean?

Samuel Adjei-Nsiah: Approximately $23 per 100 kg bag.

Bernard Vanlauwe: This is too low... world market price is about $380 per ton.

Samuel Adjei-Nsiah: The marketing of soya is a policy issue. The aggregators and nucleus farmers who purchase from the FBOs and outgrowers offer a price which is not acceptable to farmers. [The price has dropped] because the demand [of] processors has gone down because of importation of soya cake … which is cheaper than what the farmers are selling locally.

Lloyd Phiphira Country Coordinator Malawi:

All images: A field day conducted yesterday at a school’s demos at Bilala - Ntcheu Malawi


Wilson Leonardo Country Coordinator Mozambique:
In Zambezia Province explain soyabean seed producers working with ACOF on the importance of thinning Explaining soyabean seed producers in Zambezia how to identify active nodules