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Jean Marie Sanginga
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Jean Marie
Country coordinator D.R. Congo


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4 years 4 months
D.R. Congo

Jeanmarie Sanginga is originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He obtained a BSc in Agronomy (1985) and a Msc in Agronomy /Gestion and protection of soil  in Evangelic University in Africa (UEA) DRC in  2012. In  1985  he was appointed as Assistant Supervisor in the Private Society Kinaplant in the tea manufacturing and Quinquina. From 1990- 1994 he worked as Assistant program manager in Cooperation Union European and Congo RD (Zaire) CEE /Zaire in the program Coffee and palm oil. 1994-2002. Chef Supervisor in the private society Domaine de Katale in North Kivu Province in  the coffee Plant, 2003-2005 he joined the international NGO/ FHI (Food for Hungry International) as the agronomist in the program of food security, 2005-2009 he was appointed as a Research Assistant in the CIALCA project under CIAT(Centre International of Agriculture Tropical) and from 2009-2017 he worked for the project N2Africa, first as agronomist and from 2013 as National Coordinator.