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Ilse de Jager
First Name: 
Jager, de


Member for
5 years 5 months
Wageningen University and Research centre (WUR)
Plant Production Systems
The Netherlands

Ilse de Jager is doing her PhD within the N2Africa project based at Wageningen University, both at the Plant Production Systems group and the Division of Human Nutrition. Her PhD focuses on impacts of agriculture on improving diets and nutritional status of vulnerable groups from rural households in sub-Saharan Africa, in particular focusing on the potential of grain legumes. She conducted two case studies in Ghana and Kenya at the end of phase 1 of N2Africa, comparing the diet and nutritional status of infants and young children of households participating in N2Africa and not participating in N2Africa. In rural Northern Ghana, she collected quantitative dietary intake data of children 6 to 23 months old to map the role of grain legumes in their current diet and using linear modelling to investigate the potential role of the N2Africa grain legumes. She also uses linear modelling to develop food-based dietary guidelines and assess the dietary gap between production and household food needs.

She started her PhD research in 2014 after obtaining her MSc degree in Human Nutrition focussing on malnutrition in developing countries. She gained field experience in India within the TELFUN program, conducting a feeding trial to improve the iron status of schoolchildren.