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Steven Boahen IITA Mozambique
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Regis Chikowo University of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
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Jean Marie Sanginga D.R. Congo
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Paul Woomer FORMAT

Paul Lester Woomer holds a Ph.D. in Agronomy and Soil Science awarded by the University of Hawaii in 1990 for his work in the introduction of rhizobia to tropical soils.  For the past 20 years, he has lived and worked in Africa on projects designed to deliver improved land management technologies to smallholder farmers.  He led the development of the MPNES computer program for estimating rhizobial populations in soils, was co-founder of the UNESCO Rhizobium Ecology Network of East and Southern Africa, designed the MBILI maize-legume intercropping technology and examined the role of grain legumes in integrated striga management technologies.  Within the N2Africa project, Paul serves as an Inoculant Delivery Specialist in East and Central Africa and assists in the production of extension and training materials.

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Lloyd Phiphira IITA

Lloyd Burton Phiphira – Country Coordinator (N2Africa Project) for Malawi since February 2014 where  he has managed to disseminate legume technologies and interventions through partners to thousands of farmers and other stakeholders. Prior to that, he worked for a land resettlement World Bank Funded Project and also for Agricultural Research Trust as an Entomologist.

Has more than twenty-two years’ experience working in the agricultural sector focusing mainly on areas such as agricultural research work, agricultural extension services, sustainable agricultural production, environmental management, gender and HIV mainstreaming, and  economic empowerment of vulnerable rural communities.

Holds an M.Sc in Pest Management – Applied Entomology (1998) from the  University of London, Imperial College of Science, Medicine & Technology, and a B.Sc in Agriculture (1993) from the University of Malawi

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Speciose Kantengwa IITA

Country coordinator for Rwanda since February 2014, joined N2Africa team in February 20110 as a farm liaison officer but overseeing all project activities at country level. Led the baseline survey, and mid-term review of N2Africa in Rwanda.

Has a strong background in the agriculture sector of Rwanda, with a long experience in seeds systems. Skilled in capacity assessment and strengthening for small farmers, and participatory rural appraisal. Introduced the PICS bag technology in Rwanda, very active in promoting Soybean crop and legumes inoculants.

Holds an MA degree in Development Studies with specialization in Environment and Sustainable Development, and Gender, from ISS- The Hague of Erasmus University.  Has a degree in Sociology, and a diploma in Agriculture.

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Wilson Leonardo

Wilson José Leonardo has a PhD degree on systems agronomy by Wageningen University, the Netherlands. Wilson’s research focused on assessing the possibilities and limitations of improving productivities of smallholder farming systems in Central Mozambique. He has over 17 years’ experience working in the field of farming systems with focus on smallholder farmers in Mozambique. Intensification and extensification of smallholder systems at farm and regional level are a special interest. In 2007 he obtained his Master’s Degree in Plant Science from Wageningen University after graduating in 2001 as a Bachelor of Plant Production and Protection at the Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique. He worked for the International Crop Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics from 2001 to 2008. In 2014 he joined the International Fertilizer Development Center –IFDC in a joint Position with International Institute for Tropical Agriculture – IITA. He is currently IFDC Country Representative and N2Africa Country coordinator in Mozambique