At the beginning of March we held the N2Africa annual planning meeting in Mbale, Uganda together with our Advisory Committee. The meeting was held concurrently with the TAMASA (Taking Maize Agronomy to Scale in Africa) project. Participants from both projects were divided among four groups of about 20 people for “learning journeys” in the field. This gave a great opportunity for joint learning about the opportunities and constraints of taking technologies. In this Podcaster we share reports on the workshop and the learning journeys. N2Africa country teams are also busy with planning and we include reports on the Ethiopia and Kenya meetings.

We’ve just submitted our Annual Report for 2016 - we include some highlights below as well as a link to the full report. You’ll also find reports on yield gap analysis of common bean in Ethiopia and Tanzania that have been conducted in collaboration with the Global Yield Gap Analysis team, and a follow up on the problems of soyabean marketing in Ghana that were highlighted in the previous Podcaster. We hope to address some of the issues of marketing through a concerted effort to review and change policies to support legume intensification – so watch this space!

Theresa Ampadu-Boakye and I both spoke in a ‘virtual symposium’ on the internet which will soon be available for viewing on the Internet. This was the first time I attended a ‘carbon-free’ conference and more than 100 people from all over the world participated. A whole series of talks by experts in the field where made available for people who are unable to afford the costs of travelling to international conferences. It’s really a great initiative and one that we hope to build on in the future. In the same vein, a new MOOC (massive open online course) from the SDG Academy entitled Feeding a Hungry Planet just went live. You can still sign up for free, make sure you don’t miss it and please share with students and colleagues! For more details see announcements later in the Podcaster.

I’m just back from a great visit to Malawi where I was hosted by our N2Africa Country Coordinator, Lloyd Phipira. It’s always exciting to see N2Africa in action and visit collaborators and farmers in the field, I have shared some of the insights from the visit below.

I hope you enjoy reading our news – please don’t forget to send in your contributions for the next Podcaster!

Ken Giller

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